Cyber Security, the proactive approach

Published By: Harry Logan

With the entire world going online for finance, commerce, business and personal uses, the risks of cyber frauds have also manifested themselves as collateral's. This has naturally given birth to the computer security tools and methods to save from cyber crimes.

Cyber security is a branch of technology which has the tools, methodology, processes and practices needed to protect networks, programs, and devices from cyber crimes and threats. It also protects against illegal access to networks as well as attacks and damages through various means.

Cyber security protects the hardware and the software, the electronic data and the systems from cyber problems. It is a kind of information technology security which protects anyone from stealing data from computer systems, devices, and networks. It also protects against destruction and disruption of data.

Cyber crimes occur because there are a large number of hackers today. These hackers are innovative and find new means to hack networks and devices.

Cyber crimes occur in various forms like:

Phising_ fake email messages are used to find out personal information

Hacking_ websites or computer systems are shut down or misused

Social Engineering_ make you download malware and entice information

Identity theft_ personal information is misused

Ransomeware_ money is extorted by blocking files and systems, but it has no guarantees

Malware_ some software gains unauthorized access and damages computers

It is very important in the field of online commerce and banking. With a huge growing number of people doing online shopping for their physical comfort, it is the responsibility of the cyber security to protect these people.  Similarly, online banking has become very common. People transfer money, do online transactions, and access their banks too. They too need a strong cyber security.

Additionally, cyber security is needed to protect any kind of electronic data stored by various governments, non government, and other private organizations. Personal data stored by individual users on their devices too need a very strong protection through cyber security.

Cyber security is also strongly required by organizations dealing with medical records, national security information, patents of various things, etc.

With this field booming everywhere, it has created new fields of employment too. There are now job openings for Security engineers, analysts, architects, administrators, consultants, and software developers. Along with these professionals, cyber security also needs cryptographers and crptoanalysts.

There are lots of tools and methods being used to help in this. For example: firewalls, DNS Filtering, antivirus software, etc.

Individuals can also be alert and help in cyber security in their own ways. Make strong passwords, not open unnecessary attachments in emails, back up data, not click on unknown links, not forward unnecessary forwards in devices etc.

The proactive approach to cyber security is the savior in today’s world of information technology. It has to save personal and professional assets of all organizations and individuals. The proactive or preventive measures have to protect against financial losses, disruptions, damages, thefts etc.Read more...