Cloud Computing, the need of the hour

by Oliver K Edward

With more and more industries looking out to modernize themselves, the process of digitization has boomed in the recent past. Storing data digitally has made life and functioning very easy for the various industries and businesses... Read More

5G Technology and adoption

by Oliver K Edward

Technology has revolutionized the way the world functions today. It is here to stay and only sees improvements as years pass by. Everything seems to be digitized today from banking to commerce, from education to entertainment, ... Read More

AI as a Service

by Oliver K Edward

AI as a ServiceImagine if you could try out a service like any other expensive piece of equipment; be happy and comfortable with its operation; and then decide to spend your money on it. That’s exactly what Artificial Intelli... Read More

Machine Learning, the next big thing

by Walter k John

Machine Learning is the next big thing to happen in the world. It scientifically studies the computer systems and their use of algorithms as well as statistics. Computer need to use these both to perform tasks with the minimum ext... Read More

Language learning for self improvement

by Walter k John

Speaking is a language skill that starts developing right from the time a baby is born. An infant makes sound intelligible to him alone and conveys his meaning. It’s a skill that humans learn to perfection just like swimming, co... Read More

Block-chain , a near future

by Ethane Joseph

The economy of any nation works on contracts, financial transactions, and records of both these. Each system has its own methodology of maintaining these records: these could be manual ledgers which are painstakingly hand written ... Read More

Touch Commerce

by Ethane Joseph

Consumer needs have gone far beyond the basic necessities of life. With the convenience and availability of a plethora of items on line and offline, consumers now want better shopping experiences too. They want to transact the way... Read More

How Internet Of Everything is gonna change EVERYTHING

by Harry Logan

The IoE or Internet of Everything is definitely here to change everything in the world. Where now the internet network is needed to connect people with things or machines, the IoE is a revolution in itself. It is a network which ... Read More