IOT/IOE Implementation

With Alexa and Siri in our homes today, we love to say something to them and hear them say something back to us. We command them to play our favorite music, read out text from websites, answer difficult questions posed by our children, find answers to mysteries of the world, and update us on the news all around among many more things. It’s a revolutionary world which never fails to amaze us or fill us with wonders of science and technology.Have you wondered about how this actually happens? The IoE or Internet of Everything and the IoT are definitely here to change the way we listen to our favourite songs, the way we learn to bake a Shepherd’s Pie, the way we look for a lost presentation on our laptops or the way we switch off the geysers in our house when we are miles away on a holiday! These intelligent friends in our life at home and at office have revolutionized the way we live and the way we work.

If you are looking for something like to happen in your life at home or at work too, all you need to do is to just approach Added. Added is here to give you world standards and beyond experiences with seamless backend support in IoE and IoT technology. Be a part of this human to machine and machine to machine network to make life and work more fun and easier too. We are there to set up this world for you. We are there to make your personal and work lives more comfortable and efficient. Our experts will go all the way to make you friends with everything on this network.Come; experience the world of intuitive, brilliant, and creative technologies interacting with one another to leave you filled with the awe of it all!