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Cisco Video Conferencing Implementation

Can you imagine a day in your life when you don’t make a video call with someone? What if you were unable to see your colleagues, clients, bosses, friends, or family members for days together? Can you also imagine situations when you are travelling long distances to attend face to face meetings for your business? Have your employees arrived after your important conferences have started and you needed them to make presentations before your clients; and you had to apologize to them for keeping them waiting? Have you been stuck in traffic jams for hours and reached late for the conference?  Or have you spent lots of precious resources and money on travel bills of your colleagues and employees?

You no longer need to face this. Transform your workplace into a modern video collaborative space.  Video conferencing is here to be forever.  Save money, time, energy, efforts and man power and be a part of the video collaborative world. Try our Cisco Video Conferencing Implementation for the best of both: Cisco and Added.Simply take a license from Added and get ready for an impactful video collaboration set up at your workplace. Transform your single room work place too into a video conference enabled room. Sit in the comfort of that room and see what your employees and colleagues are doing. Connect with your clients with our conferencing facilities. Enjoy seamless videos and uninterrupted audio connections. We support you live during your audio video conferences with a simple investment in our services.

Avoid spending 7 to 8 figures on video conferencing hardware solutions; contact us for highly affordable rates in this business. We deliver the apt and suitable conferencing services which are high in demand and popularity among all our clients. We counsel, coach, and train you to use the facilities to the best advantage. Message or call us and we are there at your doorstep to give you the best in the market today.

Cisco Telepresence Room Implementation

Your telepresence room should be a high end conference room with the best of video conferencing facilities. You want your online audio video conferences to be conducted without technical interruptions.Added provides you with the real time seamless audio video conferencing with all the high end facilities you are looking for. We give you high definition cameras for real life images that you feel as if you are sitting in the same room. We also provide eye tracking features in these cameras and directional mikes for clear voice quality. Forget the days of crackling of sounds and distorted images. Enjoy clear visuals and absolutely sound files breaking barriers of time and space.

We give you options of sharing documents over online conferencing as well. Cisco Telepresence Room Implementation offered by us is professional and prompt. Come and experience real time audio and video conferences over a dependable and uninterrupted IP network. That’s our promise to you. We give you flexible video conferencing applications.Connect with clients and customers all over the world from the comfort of your office with robotic remote control Telepresence. We take care of all your needs for this with our vast experience and knowledge. Connect over the mobile and other remote devices with our services.  Our team members will handle your requirements with their skill set and training in this field. Added will make you go through conferences resembling virtual reality. We will give you quick connections and you can speak uninterrupted with no distortions of sound.Enjoy showcasing your products to prospective customers. Take important feedbacks from your employees in other locations. Or solve problems and issues faced in your branches all over the city, country, or the world. We also promise you the firewall safety for all the matter being discussed during these video conferences. Message us and we are there to take care of your needs.

Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)

We know that you are looking for the best servers to take care of your meetings and servers. You want uninterrupted online conferencing with crystal clear images and equally clear audio files to reach all the members of the meeting group. That’s why we are here. We, at Added, offer you the combination of our expertise and the most advanced technology solutions provider, Cisco. Enjoy the benefit of this association with Cisco at very affordable costs to suit your budget. 

We offer you great Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Implementation at your doorstep. We guide you to take the best and most apt solution to suit your needs. Take the most flexible and cost effective meeting serves from us and enjoy the results they give. These servers are very safe and reliable, so there is no fear of any leaks of strategic information about your business. We work hard to ensure the safety of either your own or your clients’ data.Added takes care of all your needs on your own campus. All you need to do is to share your wish list for us. Our experienced team will look into the technicalities and specifications and deliver it to you on time.

You can save on costs by using your own mobiles and inter connected computers and laptops. We offer you the benefit of logging in from these devices and get going with your work. Our server will take care of the rest and our team will give you full time backend support during online meetings and conferences.Our Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Implementation services will save you a lot of man hours and costs as well as keep your employees more flexible in their movements and mobility. We help to cut on your operating expenses.

Cisco Expressway Core/Edge Implementation

Cisco Expressway Core/Edge Implementation services are one of the best ones for people always on the move. You can multi task while travelling for your other work and personal commitments. Stay connected with your team with these innovative services. With this facility, you can connect through whatever network is available on the move. It could be a public or private network as well.  Once connected, you can access all communication tools for IM.

You can also attend to all audio and video calls without limitations of being out of office. We also offer you products like Jabbers for smart phones, desktops, and tablets along with IP phones and Desk endpoints.We give you the same clarity in picture and sound while you are moving about.  That’s the advantage of Added. Add to third party end points too and neither leave them out nor be left out of important meetings, discussions, and conferences. We set up the entire system for you and take away your worries of missing out on these events. Collaborate with the third party who is not within your firewall without any fear.

We also assure you of safety and firewall securities even though you may connect on any public or private networks. Your conversations and messages will still be within your closed network and safe from preening eyes and ears. With the Cisco Expressway Core/Edge Implementation services under your umbrella, you do have the edge over the others in the market. You are always connected and never out of business even if you are not in your office premises.Enjoy remote access on your mobiles and laptops even without any VPN. Reach out to more clients, customers, and team members without wasting time. We will ensure that you that your business hours don’t stop because of your travels. Our skilled team will deliver solutions to you on time and deliver more than what we promise.

Hybrid Solution (Cloud and On-Premise)

With so much more information and data that needs to be stored in your systems, you will always run out of storage space. You need to move to cloud storage systems. And you may also still store a lot of data on your desktops and other local machines. Whatever the case may be, we are there to support you for Cloud and On-Premises Video Conferencing Implementation.

Our hybrid solution takes care of both your requirements. The cloud implementation services overcome your limitations of on-premise storage and conferencing.  On the other hand, you need stable internet connectivity for cloud based systems. This too may have created problems for you. So, your best bet is to go in for our Hybrid Solution (Cloud and On-Premise) Video Conferencing Implementation services.Use the advantage of both and see your business grow. Our technicians are trained to integrate the two systems to give you the best output. The timely delivery of our services and products will ensure that your work never stops and that you always have the storage space to add more data and information as you expand your businesses. 

Cloud computing is the need of the hour with rapid digitization happening all around. Don’t be left behind for lack of storage space on your desk tops and other computing devices. We help to keep your data safe and secure, and easily accessible whenever you want. Try our services of using a network of many remote servers through the internet to store, manage, preserve, and even process all data. Travel without carrying your machine as you can access it from anywhere. The cloud based systems will store your data in data centers and also allow multiple users to access it at the same point of time.Our hybrid solutions allow you to use both public and private clouds, where the public clouds connects you with your clients and customers and the private cloud keeps all data safe and secure within. Contact Added and be at peace.

Web Conferencing Implementation

The boom in start ups, entrepreneurship, and revamping of established business and services, has created a need for web conferencing on a large scale. Added, the well established name in the field of audio video conferencing and technologies is building and shaping the Web Conferencing industries in India.We touch upon vast fields of conferencing needs in information technology sectors, education, health care, agriculture, industries, infrastructural development, telecommunications, hospitality, and many more. With a large array of services available under our umbrella, we are ready and equipped to take care of all your web conferencing needs. We have the capability, skill set, and knowledge to cater to top quality audio visual solutions.

Added offers you professional approach and a promise of commitment to shape the future of web Conferencing. We not only offer you guidance and solutions to your technical woes during web conferences, but also offer high end products required by you. We have the added benefit of reasonable pricing and on time deliveries as our USPs. We build lifelong relationships with our clients as we understand their needs and deliver to their satisfaction. Our Web Conferencing Implementation services give you real time experience with high quality of visuals and crystal clear audios. You will feel that all the members of your conference group are sitting face to face as promise full support for hitch free web conferences. Our technicians are quick to respond to any challenges and break downs during meetings and you can carry on with them as if nothing untoward has happened!

We give you equipment which is easy to install and handle anywhere. We deliver on time so that you are ready for any online meeting stress free. We set up the systems for you and train you to handle them so that you are comfortable too.

Cisco IP Telephony Implementation

Companies and organizations are globally spread out today.  A large number of businesses have spread their wings far and wide. They are not restricted to a single city any more, but located in other cities, states, and nations as well. With more than one branch to manage and communicate with, you need more than just a simple telephone. This not only adds to the cost of communication, but also restricts I term s of time and speed along with data transfer. 

We offer you the solution of Cisco IP Telephony Implementation services at very reasonable costs. We give you the best and most reliable technology at your doorstep. With years of experience behind us, we provide you these services backed with a team of skilled members. These lines of communication will open up the world for your branches making it so much easier and simpler to connect with your peers, colleagues, and employees at far off lands saving you money and time.

Added has the best in the market packet-switched Voice over IP (VoIP), or Internet telephony,to transmit telephone calls over the steady and uninterrupted internet connections.We give you this advantage over the circuit-switched telephony used by the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Thus, you get the faster and clearer system of communication.With Cisco IP Telephony Implementation services at your doorstep, we unify the video, voice, data and all mobile networks that your office uses. We apply this to fixed and mobile network systems removing limitations of location, devices, mediums, and even operating systems.Connect with us to convert your voice calls into data packets. Then transmit them over any form of internet, public or private. Hear the best quality of sounds with utmost clarity over seamless network transmissions. Use these implementation services for your landlines as well.Be connected with your branches at all times for clear and perfect communication and transmission of information.Be a part of the world of technological communications!

Cisco Contact Center Implementation

The customer is the king in your business, wherever he may be. He needs to communicate with you at all times to clear doubts, clarify issues, ask for help, or provide you with feedback. Use technology to your advantage to give you the best communication systems available in the markets. Connect with your customers to give them the satisfaction of being connected with you too. Added helps you to handle and integrate all forms of communication that the customer finds convenient today. Listen to their queries and deal with them efficiently and quickly without interruptions. Save money and efforts by using our Cisco Contact Center Implementation technology and services. 

Integrate all forms of social interactions like Twitter, Face book, emails, telephone calls, online messages. Convert them easily into telephone calls for you to manage them more conveniently. Let us complete these steps for you to make your communication systems more organized and simpler to handle. Our precise and  intelligent routing engines will rout all forms of communication by your customers to the most suitable agent or resource who can satisfy the customer. Grow your business by listening to your customers and giving them the best that they want.Use the AI to predict customer experiences. We empower you to analyze customer inputs to create lifelong relationships with them. We help you train your agents in multiple locations to handle all mediums of communication with cost effective solutions. We offer you the cloud systems to save you memory and space in your systems.

Our expert team members will set up the Cisco Contact Center Implementation technology for you. We shall support you throughout for seamless and real time interactions with your customers. We satisfy you with our services so that you can satisfy your clients too. We make you comfortable so that your clients feel comfortable.  Go ahead and set up contact centers at your offices. Be prompt in answering queries by your clients. Make them feel valued.

Cisco Video Conferencing Endpoints and Codecs Implementation

Endpoints are as crucial in video conferences as the network and display systems. The physical and logical connections to audio systems for connecting speakers and microphones have to be top quality to avoid scattering and distortion of sound. Equally important are the codecs for perfect inputs and outputs.

Go in for the best that the partnership between Added and Cisco have to offer in Video Conferencing Endpoints and Codecs Implementation. We give you the best quality of sound and image in all your video conferencing experiences. We also promise you real time and uninterrupted audio ad video streaming for all your office and business needs.Take our flexible media engine for multiple screens . We adapt for your needs to make your video conferencing an enjoyable and trouble free meeting with your clients as well as employees. With our Cisco Video Conferencing Endpoints and Codecs Implementation products and services, we protect your endpoints and codecs against all forms of attacks and malware.

Our team at Added will expertly and promptly encode and decode all digital data streams and signals. We can compress digital voice signals to suit your bandwidth. We can compress and decompress digital videos for you and give you great video conferences with your customers. Use our powerful and flexible video collaboration platforms to suit your budgets and requirements.Our ever ready team member’s offer you support at all times so that you can sit through your meetings without any worries for backend support. Enjoy smooth and real time video conferences with our products. Stays connected at all times with people all over the world and expand your services and businesses. Leave all your worries to us. Added is there to add value to your meetings. Discuss issues and resolve them in no time.

Reports Customization

With global expansion of your businesses and services, you need to collect hoards of data and other information at all times. Convert this data into useful information by analyzing it and recording it for future references.Added is a great medium to organize all your data ad as a result your organization too. Let us help you have a systematic and organized outlook to your business too. Get your office into shape and avail our Reports Customization services. Let us collect, analyze, and report your data for you.

We provide you with perfect and comprehensive report templates and customize them for you too. We save you the bother of spending hours and man power working on the huge amounts of data collected at your office. We work systematically on your client and project information, feed backs, sales, expenses, queries, and all types of information data needed to run your office.Our team at Added is efficient and skilled at handling all forms of data. We come and observe your work and projects. We take down and record information. We analyze it. And we prepare a detailed report for you. We create a road map for you to work on to expand and improve upon your products and services. We help you to study the graphs and charts in the reports so that you can understand your business better.

We do the SWOT analysis for you. We highlight your strengths and help you deal with your weaknesses. We identify threats, both internal and external, and guide you to overcome them. We help you to overcome any obstacle in the path to your progress and growth. Avail our expertise at very reasonable costs and be amazed at what you may not have noticed about your business and office. We hold your hand throughout to offer you the best solutions for issues you may not have been able to handle due to your work pressures. We are there to do that for you.