AI as a Service

Published By: Oliver K Edward

AI as a Service

Imagine if you could try out a service like any other expensive piece of equipment; be happy and comfortable with its operation; and then decide to spend your money on it. That’s exactly what Artificial Intelligence is as a service (AIaaS). You can experiment with the applications of AI without spending too much of money and then confirm larger orders.

This is offered by third parties who allow you to experience machine learning algorithms through various offerings like public cloud platforms. These are like customized services for you office, organization, or personal use. You can decide what works the best for you in the price band width that you want.

If you want to avail the best use of AI, you need to invest in expensive hardware and software. You also need to spend huge amounts to maintain these and modify according to various tasks. You will also need specialized man power to run the hardware and software for you.

 AIaaS helps individuals and organizations to bring down these costs. It is trying to reach out to established businesses as well as start ups. They can use options like Amazon Machine Learning, Google Cloud Machine Learning, or Microsoft Cognitive Services to first try out AI and its algorithms before investing. is heading into this field too.

AIaaS aims to bring the benefits of AI to the common man on a large scale at minimal costs. Soon it will be within the reach of the masses. The AI technology is no longer a luxury, but has invaded the lives to the most common use. Some of these include Speech Recognition and Hello. AI is working hard to collect data about customers want. This will help businesses to grow and expand because they will be able to give the customers just what they want.Read more...