Language learning for self improvement

Published By: Walter k John

Speaking is a language skill that starts developing right from the time a baby is born. An infant makes sound intelligible to him alone and conveys his meaning. It’s a skill that humans learn to perfection just like swimming, cooking, and cycling. In our everyday life, we engage in speaking at various situations and circumstances like face to face communication, parent-child interaction, teacher-student interaction, peer or business group discussion, telephonic conversations etc.

Communication is the exchange of information, so that the recipient understands what the sender intends. Speech is a tool in verbal communication. Speaking well can effectively encode creative thoughts and ideas into words, sentences, and speech. Speaking is a language tool used to speak out our creative thoughts, feelings, ideas, desires, imaginations, and convey information. 

People who speak well need the ability to make their words clear to the person listening, to start a conversation, and make others respond as well. While speaking, one has to choose appropriate words relevant to the context so that the feelings of the listener are not hurt. Speech should be culturally relevant. Thus, speaking requires great deal of intelligent thinking and effort to convey ideas to the listener. 

It’s a language art that has to be learnt, practised regularly, mastered, and perfected. Speaking well is not only the smart way of using appropriate vocabulary, but it’s also a technique for self improvement. Posture, facial expression, appearance, emotional state, personality, and intentions of a good speaker get perfected and bring about a wholesome self improvement. 

Learning to speak well for self improvement requires focus on areas like vocabulary, voice and tone, structured and organized thought, appropriate body language, correct pauses at the right place, etc. It takes constant effort and time to gain confidence to speak effectively.

Being a good speaker with enhanced speaking skills has many advantages. It improves personal and professional reputation and gains more trust of people around. It gives confidence, creates strong first impressions. It aids in career enhancement also.

Here are some tips to enhance pronunciation of different words:

Do not treat spelling as a guide

Use a standard or an online dictionary to check for proper pronunciation

Listen to recordings for correct pronunciations, tone, and pauses

Establish a connection between what you speak and how you speak

Practice regularly

Do not give up.

The secrets of effective speaking for success and self improvement are:

Speak with clarity

Emphasize words that are important

Modulate pitch and volume

Smile to show a pleasant expression 

Believe in what you say 

Relive experiences while communicating 

Speaking effectively is the most important component in improving your life style. The manner in which people perceive and talk to each other in personal and professional lives brings about a major difference in relationships at home and at work. Whereas, poor speaking skills reduce quality, weaken productivity or output, and eventually lead to anger and mistrust among individuals within the organization.

The ability to converse comes only with regular use and practice. Every time you speak intelligently, what you say gets clearer, simpler and more effective. Enhance speaking language for an overall effective and attractive personality.Read more...